There should be a disclaimer to the following article that explains that you should only #sendnudes to guys you trust, feel secure with, and respect you, but I am not your Mother, so I’m not going to type out any of that. I will never give you sound advice in that regard, because honestly, I don’t trust myself with that kind of responsibility, and who the fuck am I, anyway? So instead, what follows, is a long list of reasons that make for awful, stupid, and unintentionally awesome ideas. Take it with a grain of salt. Then add some tequila. Then hit “send”.


Perhaps the most coveted tokens of lust to date is the “nude”. Never has it been easier to sexually connect with someone of interest – you literally, just point, pose, delete, pose five more times, filter, edit, and send (don’t pretend those aren’t the steps, I see you).  And then…five obsessive minutes of you checking your phone, waiting for the “seen” indicator to come on and create a pulse drive like nothing else. “Typing…” appears and mortifying scenarios spin in your head until he finally responds with a fire emoji, a “wyd later”, or the absolute ultimate…a phone call. Then your ego goes into overdrive and hopefully what ensues is the world’s best phone sex. Or real sex. Any sex in general.

SO, why is this a good thing? A few things, ladies. Just wait. (Read: don’t lynch me just yet.)


In his September 26, 2014 Elite Daily article, Joshua Eferighe wrote, “Nudes are incentives for us guys. It’s the doggy treat we’ll jump heights and wag our tails for”. I asked a bunch, A BUNCH, of dudes what they thought about that statement and literally ALL of them confirmed – they’ll do just about whatever they need to to get that nude. And that once that nude is received, it is seriously celebrated.

So what does that mean for you?

It means that dudes are finally paying the fuck attention to how awesome your body is. Fat-shaming is a thing of past (thick is sexy) and telling women that they don’t look good enough (which has been buried into the brains of women everywhere by most media since the age of middle school) is something that is nearly completely eradicated with the idea of nudes. No nudes are undesired or unwanted. Seriously. Find me a dude that doesn’t want a sexy naked photo, and I’ll link him up with a sick therapist. Or a boyfriend.

It’s about time that the female body is celebrated and appreciated for what it is. Being comfortable in our own skin has been long overdue. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and women’s equality efforts did not sacrifice long hours and certain freedoms so I can hide behind a parka when I have a perfectly good dog filter. We reserve the right to send our naked body to whomever we please without getting shit or feeling ashamed. You can’t spout off memes screaming #freethenipple and then get upset when someone wants to see it.



Never before has a generation been able to access sexy invites so readily from their significant other at the click of an app – and I, for one, don’t see the point in wasting it. The amount of excitement that builds from staring at your lover’s body for mere seconds when you can’t see them in person is probably one of the most intimate forms of communication.

Long distance or spending nights apart can now easily be turned into a long game of teasing…or another way to connect you and your partner to make the distance seem not so far. It builds excitement for when you reconnect and allows each other to expose themselves and open up to each other in a way that they are comfortable with – only showing off their bodies the way that they want them to be seen. The compliments exchanged are more accepted and feel more believable, because the photos being complimented are presented in a way that the sender feels most confident about.

It brings couples closer, whether distance is a component or not.


Own your fucking body, girl!

Gone are the days of Mother Theresa biting her nails and knuckle-slapping rulers (I mean, unless you’re into that kind of stuff, I guess). This is YOUR body, and there’s no real reason it’s not respectable to show it off to whomever you want to see it. 

Body-shaming should easily be replaced with body-encouraging. They truth is, they WANT to see you. They LOVE to see you. It TURNS THEM ON to see you. So show it off, girl. Self- confidence and self-esteem has been, for generations, seriously lacking.

So, instead of getting offended that he wants to see you sans clothing, take it as a compliment. He’s asking for YOU instead of turning on his computer and digging deep into spyware infested websites where can he find, literally, ANYTHING else. He wants you. If you want him too, and you’re comfortable enough with your own body and relationship, show it off.

He jumped. Give him the treat.

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