What You Need to Know About a Cleaner’s Vacuum

Los Angeles-based housekeeper Mark Wiebe, who’s been a fixture in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s, has been busy working on a new project that aims to make vacuuming a lot easier.As part of the project, Wiebbe and his team of cleaning professionals have been putting the finishing touches on a system that is […]

What you need to know about hotels, maids, and other housekeepers

How to get a maid: Finding the right place to live.Getting a room.Finding a place to stay.Finding the best room.Knowing how to manage a house.Managing a child’s finances.Managing someone else’s money.Managing your own personal finances.Finding your first maid.Getting started with housekeeping.Being a maid.Tips on finding a maid and finding the right house.Finding maids.The best maids […]

How to fix a messy housekeeper

The first thing to know about your housekeeper is that you need to treat her well.You need to give her enough time to do her job and clean up after herself, so if you don’t, you might not get your house to look good in her absence.That’s the gist of a new study by researchers […]