In an interview to a television channel, an elderly lady said that her husband was a housekeeping manager, but she had no idea why he was doing it.

The interview was shown on the channel’s ‘Panchayati Raj’ programme.

It was a common story, said one of the housekeeping managers interviewed by the channel.

“My husband, who was the head of the cleaning department, did this job because he had been in his family business for many years,” said the elderly lady, who did not want to be named.

The housekeeper said that his husband had been working as a cleaner for over a decade and was looking for a way to improve his position.

“I was happy to be a cleaner.

But I did not know why he did this.

I never expected that he would do this,” she said.

A lot of people in the industry, including the elderly woman, are struggling to make ends meet, she said, adding that there are no jobs for her and her husband.

“We do not get any salaries.

My husband did not earn anything.

He is in the hospital,” she told the channel, adding, “We have been begging for the government to help us, to help the elderly.”

In the past few months, the government has been taking steps to help these elderly people.

The Department of Home Affairs has set up an employment portal for housekeepers, with a quota of 50 jobs for the category.

The portal also gives detailed job descriptions for all categories, including cleaning, housekeeping and household chores.

“If I did something wrong, the housekeeper will pay me a fine,” said one housekeeping job description, which has now been made available to the public.

Another housekeeping description describes a cleaning job where the housekeeps work under the supervision of a master, a supervisor and a house manager.

“In a house where the master and supervisor are doing the cleaning, the cleaning is done by the housekeepers and the master keeps the master company in a good shape.

If I do not do my work properly, the master will make a big fuss,” the job description says.

However, some workers say that they are not being paid even after they have completed their jobs.

“A housekeeper cannot earn money even after completing her job, as the house keeps paying her the same amount as before,” said a housewife who asked not to be identified.

Many of the workers, who earn between Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 100,000 a month, are forced to take part in begging to support themselves and their families.

“When the government sends its money to the workers to help them out, it gives us no help.

The government gives money to a few people and not the rest of the people,” said another housewife.

The elderly woman who asked to be known as Sanya said that she and her son did not have any money and that they did not take any help from the government.

“They don’t want to help anyone.

They do not even know what kind of work to do, why to do and how to do it,” she added.

The Housekeepers’ Union of India (HUJA) has also appealed to the government for help.

“The government has failed the elderly.

We are begging for government help.

We want a job.

We don’t have any other option,” said an HUJA official.

The organisation has appealed to people to donate their earnings to help those in need.