It’s not a glamorous job, but if you’re looking for someone to help with housekeeping and cleaning, it can be a rewarding one.

Al Jazeera’s Jules Edwards has this rundown of the main housekeeping duties and job titles.1.

Cleaning housekeeping tasks in the homeA housekeeper is responsible for cleaning up the home after you leave for work.

This includes cleaning up furniture and other items in the house, doing laundry, cleaning up floors, cleaning out closets, and even doing dishes.2.

Make sure you are comfortable at homeA good housekeeper will take your needs into account.

They will take you to the kitchen and make sure you have a comfortable and clean place to rest, wash and cook.3.

Do not overdo cleaningA good homekeeper will only clean up after themselves and not others, and they will never leave any of their work unfinished.

They should also be aware of the health and safety of others and be mindful of what they put in the fridge and do not leave on the counter.4.

Clean housekeeping chores in the carOnce you leave the house for work, the next step is to take a break and clean up.

Clean your car, do a bit of housework, and then get back to your work.5.

Clean up after othersOnce you have cleaned up, you are left with a clean house.

Make a list of what you have done and put them in the bin.

Once you have finished cleaning, put the items back in the bins.6.

Make it easy to washYour housekeeper should not only be able to clean up your personal belongings but also your clothes and any personal utensils they have collected.

They can do this by keeping a collection bag and then taking a small piece of fabric and washing it on a towel.7.

Keep your personal items out of the houseYour housekeepers job should be easy, and it shouldn’t be difficult to get their work done.

They need to be able do this and not worry about washing their hands or clothes after doing the work.

They shouldn’t have to worry about getting their clothes into the laundry basket because the bins will be there.8.

Clean the houseIf you have an issue with your home, ask your home care assistant for help.

Your home care staff can check if the problem is a medical emergency and arrange for someone from the house to come and inspect.

They are responsible for ensuring your home is clean and safe for you and your family.9.

Make room for other peopleYour home care will take care of your other needs if you are away from home for extended periods of time.

They may come to you and take care if you need a shower or get your hair done.10.

Do more with your timeYour housekeeping skills can make a difference if you work as a housekeeping manager.

This is where you may have to take on extra duties, such as keeping the kitchen clean, washing dishes, cleaning the house or keeping the home tidy.

If you are looking for a new job, make sure your housekeeping job has a good pay and benefits package.