The highland parkhouse has a long history of housekeeping and its owner, Arnold, has been around for a long time.

Now, Arnold’s family says they are being threatened by the government, and that they are worried about their own safety. 

The couple has lived in the house for over 50 years.

The owners of the house are concerned that the government is going to come and confiscate their property.

They say that Arnold will lose his job, and they may lose their house.

The housekeeper says she is terrified that the Trump administration may come to the house and take her.

“We are very scared,” said the housekeeper, who asked that her name not be used.

“If this goes through, we are not going to have a home.”

The Trump administration has made several threats against the family in the past, according to Arnold.

He has said that if the housekeepers work for the Trump family, they will be targeted.

He also threatened to close the property and evict the housekeeps if they did not pay his rent.

The Trump administration says that Arnold should not be afraid of the government because he is the owner.

“It’s a joke that we are going to shut this down,” Arnold told the Washington Post.

“It’s not the first time we’ve been threatened with being shut down.

We’re here for 50 years.”

The government also threatened the family with eviction.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development says that they will confiscate the house.

“If you are a member of the public, please do not come onto our property, unless you are in a designated evacuation zone,” the statement said.

The government says that the people who live in the highland parks have a history of harassment and discrimination, and are not happy with the situation.

The highland is a part of the state’s historic Hill Country.

The government says it will not be allowed to close down the park, and will keep it open to the public.

The White House says that it has nothing to do with the Trump Administration’s threats.