There’s a $7,000 housekeeping item on the list, and it’s probably best to get rid of it before you break the bank on a new one.

“I always keep my old laptops in the garage,” says Sarah Wiese, a designer and filmmaker who has a $4,000 MacBook Pro.

“They’re super durable, they last a long time and are just a hell of a lot easier to maintain than something like a cheap $3k Apple laptop.”

She’s also a huge fan of the Dell XPS 15, a $9,999 laptop with a 1080p display.

“It’s so cheap,” she says.

“That $10 laptop costs me $4.25 a day, or around $2 a day for rent.”

So if you can afford it, here’s what you should look out for when cleaning and maintaining a $2,000 machine: