In a video posted on YouTube on Wednesday, housekeepers at a house in Ontario, Canada, were shown using a spray bottle to scrub and scrub and wipe down their own house after a visit from a pest control worker.

“I thought it was funny,” one of the housekeepers, whose name has been withheld, told CBC News.

“You know, it’s a bit of a tradition.”

One housekeeper said the pest control company sent a sprayer, and another woman used a brush to scrub away a fly.

“If you do it in the summer, it goes into the winter, but this one just went straight into the summer,” the woman said.

“We are trying to keep the house clean.”

In the video, the homeowner, who goes by the name “Mister” in the video’s description, walks the dogs in the yard while the pest-control worker uses a brush.

“There was a lot of movement, and the house was covered in dust,” he said.

He added that the homeowner’s mother, who had gone to the house to visit her daughter, was present.

“She had tears in her eyes,” he explained.

“A lot of people don’t understand what is going on here. “

People in our community are really upset,” the housekeeper added.

They’re very upset about this whole thing. “

Some people are just really upset.

We’ve had a lot to deal on this.” “

This is really unfortunate.

We’ve had a lot to deal on this.”

The housekeeper told CBC he did not want to be identified to protect his identity, saying he wanted to protect the family.

The video has been viewed over 13,000 times.

“When you come across something like this, we’re going to do our best to keep this as private as possible,” he told CBC.

“But I’m sure we’ll be able to talk to our neighbors, and that will be great.”

The pest control service said it would not be releasing the pest data on the video to CBC News because the video is part of an ongoing pest-management program.

In a statement to CBC, the company said the video “is a property of the pest management team and the video was taken by one of their employees on a specific day.”

The company also said the housekeeping staff in the footage had “worked on this program with a team of trained housekeepers for years.”

“The pest control team members are responsible for managing the home,” the company added.

The pest-Control team also noted in its statement that the video did not involve any pest control equipment or staff.

“The video was filmed by one member of the Housekeeping Team,” the statement read.

“As such, we cannot confirm or deny the accuracy of the video.”