My housekeeper needs a makeover, so I’m bringing in some new tools.

I have been loving my clipart for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it to add some new features.

It’s an art-based tool that allows me to create a style guide for my house, as well as a visual reference for my photos.

My housekeepers do not know what they’re doing, but they do know how to draw, so that’s important to me.

This clipart will help guide me through my workflow.

I chose to use an old camera that has a ton of great filters and a built-in flash, but it was only a matter of time before I got the ability to use my own cameras and the new camera.

I’m using a Canon 6D Mark II, which has a built in flash, as it’s the smallest and lightest camera that I have.

It works well with this clipart.

The clipart also uses a few different color schemes that I wanted to be consistent with.

The first thing I did was change the color scheme from black and white to white, so it looks more like the picture I’m going to be drawing.

Then I added a green gradient to it to match the color of the sky, and I colored the edges of the piece.

I also added an inverted border so it’s a bit more like an art book.

It’s a little tricky to get your hands on a clipart because there are no tutorials on it.

But, you can find tutorials online on how to do it with a free tool called clipart-drawing.

You can also find tutorials on making a tutorial-style drawing using an art brush and some basic drawing tools.

I’ve already done a tutorial that uses these tools to draw an art scene, and it’s an easy way to add art to your home.

The only downside is that the clipart won’t be able to do all the things that you can draw with a camera.

I used Photoshop Elements to make the artwork in the tutorial, but you can do it in any photo editing software.

Here’s the final piece.

You could use a stencil if you prefer, but I like the feel of the art in the cliparts.

I love my cliparts and love the art I create with them, so when I’m feeling lazy or have trouble making art, I think of these tools as a quick way to help me out.

If you want to check out the tutorial and how to make one, click here.