The U.S. Senate voted to approve a bill Monday to expand the federal definition of what qualifies as a Housekeeper job to include any service, such as cleaning, that a federal agency provides.

The legislation now goes to President Donald Trump.

Housekeeping jobs have been a staple of presidential administrations, from Jimmy Carter’s 1980s Carter White House to the Bush White House.

The measure allows the federal government to hire Housekeeping staff who have a degree in Housekeeping, including those who work as cleaners, housekeepers, house cooks and others who clean homes.

Housekeepers work as housekeepers in offices around the country.

They often clean and maintain houses for a living.

The Housekeeping Jobs Act, introduced by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), expands the federal workforce to include anyone who cleans homes, provides housekeeping services or handles other administrative tasks.

It would also expand the definition of Housekeeping to include other services, such the care of children and elderly people.

The legislation would also extend eligibility for the job.

Currently, it requires that a Housekeeping job must be held for a year, or at least three years, to be eligible for the position.

The bill would expand that period to five years.

Households could also apply for the federal job in the same way they apply for other government jobs, including by applying online, by phone or in person at a federal office.