A Spanish sex worker is making a name for herself on social media after posting photos of herself doing everything from cooking food to cleaning house.

“This is the first time I’ve done something so different,” wrote Ana Maria Cruz on Instagram.

The 28-year-old has a knack for making the most of what little spare time she has, even when her job is to clean a house.

Cruz, who works as a housekeeping agent in the Spanish city of Marbella, said she likes to help her clients achieve their best selves by making them feel safe, happy, and fulfilled.

The housekeeper said her work has helped her feel more secure, confident, and empowered.

Cruz said she is lucky to have been chosen to be a house keeper in Marbellas city of 5 million people.

“It was a choice that had nothing to do with my job.

I was chosen because I was beautiful, beautiful enough,” Cruz said.

“I chose to be housekeeper because I wanted to be with people who love me.”

She said her job has brought her closer to her two kids, who are aged seven and six.

“When they’re young, they’re like little boys,” she said.

Cruz says she enjoys her job and says she’s happy to do it.

“The only thing I miss the most is the love of my family and my children,” she told the AP.

“And when I go to my work, I feel like I’m with them every day.

It’s a privilege.”

But Cruz has no plans to quit her job anytime soon.

“We’re not leaving, we’re just staying here,” she added.

“Our lives are here.”

Cruz’s new job comes after the Spanish government started a campaign to help women who work as housekeepers to start their own businesses.

It also comes after Spain banned spanish workers from taking part in sex work, which is legal in most countries.