A new book title that combines the title of an online course with a title for a resume has gone viral, with more than 50,000 tweets.

The title, titled ‘Housekeeping Resumes: What Every American Should Know’, aims to “help you and your family find and retain a career that is right for you”.

It is being promoted as a new “career resume” that can be printed on an app and shared on social media, although it is not clear if it will be available in all states.

The book is not a training manual or a guide to resume writing, as the title suggests.

Instead, it offers advice on how to get a job that is suitable for your skills and interests.

“Housekeeping resumes” is a new title that is being used to promote a new career resume for professionals, such as “housekeeping”, a professional category that includes housekeepers, cleaners, dishwashers, maids, cooks, dish-washers and other workers, said author Joaquin García-Torres, a lecturer in English and journalism at the Universidad Autónoma de México, in an interview with El Universal newspaper.

“It was a name we were looking for, a name that was familiar, so that people would think it was a title that people know and they want to be able to find,” García and his colleagues told the newspaper.

The first title, “Housekeeping in Spanish”, was created in August 2017, the same month that García started a new project at Universidad de Méxesico, called “Resume and Resume Writing”, that aims to increase the number of professionals using the term “resume” to describe their resume.

The name was chosen after García was approached by a housekeeper at his university, who asked him for a book to use as a resume for her job search, according to García.

The new title “Housekeepers Resume” is not intended as a career resume, but rather as a tool to “provide the right skills for people looking for a job,” Garcia told the news outlet.

García-TORRES explained that while he and his co-authors do not believe that their book is “a job search tool”, they did find a need for the term.

“For people who want to know how to use a resume to get an interview, it is important to remember that they need to know the right things for an interview.

It is important that you know what skills you need and what you can do to fill those skills gaps,” he said.

While there is a shortage of professional job searches, García said, the term does not mean “you can’t get hired”.

“You can get hired.

There are other ways to get hired, and the way we are talking about it is that you can work for a company that wants to hire you,” he explained.

“But we also want to make sure that we are giving people the skills they need.”

Garcia-TORRES said he hopes to launch his own book and a series of videos on how people can create a resume, as well as a series on how professionals can get an edge in the job market.