DENVER — The Colorado House of Representatives is expected to vote Thursday on a bill that would allow for a new tax on companies that hire housekeepers, but only in the state where the service is performed.

House Speaker Scott A. Larson, D-Boulder, said the House would vote on a $3,000 tax on company companies that use housekeeping services in Colorado, which has been one of the most contentious issues in the debate over the state’s healthcare system.

House Republican leaders say the bill would create a tax on employers that use home health aides and other home care services in the United States.

The bill does not define what that means.

It’s not clear what would trigger the tax, but the bill’s supporters say it would apply to businesses that are already subject to a state tax.

The House is expected in a vote Thursday to approve Larson’s proposal.

The bill would apply a $1,000 statewide tax on all employers who hire home health care aides and home health maintenance professionals in Colorado.

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Matt T. Schulz, D, Boulder, would apply the tax to companies that are based in the Colorado-Nevada-Utah-Colorado State Line, the area where home health services are performed.

The state’s medical professionals have been fighting for more than a year to get the bill passed.

Colorado Attorney General Michael Schatz, who represented Colorado in the House of Delegates in the last session, said lawmakers must act to protect Colorado workers from an onslaught of lawsuits by companies that want to take advantage of Colorado’s healthcare services.

Schatz said it is a big problem that people who are working in this industry have no protections and are at risk of being fired.

The House bill is an important step to protecting workers and consumers, he said.

The law does not cover people in Colorado who work in other states, Schatz said.

He said the bill is intended to protect workers in the states where they work and not in the cities and towns where home care is more popular.

Schulz’s bill was supported by many Democrats, including Rep. Linda Sánchez, D.C.

Sanchez said her bill was aimed at making Colorado a better place for working parents to raise their families.