When you are looking for something to do in a hotel, here are the 10 things to do: 1.

Find a seat for the night.

The first step to having a comfortable night is to find a spot for your room to sleep.

For a room with lots of windows, that is easier said than done.

You may be able to find something in the back of a closet.2.

Make your own bed.

If you have a futon or a futonic mattress, you may want to use that to lay down.

A lot of people use a pillow.

It is an easy, inexpensive option.3.

Go outside for a walk.

You will probably find a nice, quiet spot to walk outside.

If there is no room to walk in a crowded hotel, you can find a quiet spot by the pool or in the corner of the room.4.

Check out the spa.

Some hotels have a spa and some do not.

Some rooms have a sauna.

You can always ask a receptionist or the owner for the room code.5.

Go out for a hike.

Many hotels offer a trail that takes you through the hotel grounds and to the river.

A hiking trail is a great way to get a feel for the area and see the sights.6.

See some of the sights in town.

If your room has a bar, you could try the bar or barbeque.

You could try to eat lunch there.

You should check out the souvenir shops in town as well.7.

Take your pick of the many dining options.

You would want to try different restaurants and take your pick.

If the room has an indoor pool, you might want to take a dip in the pool.

If not, you should go to a local poolhouse or a local bowling alley.8.

Go for a massage.

Some people think it is better to take their pick of what they get.

If they are really into the massage, it is always worth it to go for a one-on-one.9.

Play pool.

It would be cool to go bowling, but bowling is a lot of fun if you are alone.

You have more options than you think.10.

Take a dip or two in the park.

There are many options for swimming and swimming is a popular activity.

It does take a bit of getting used to.