Hotline is a free, secure, online hotline for women who are sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.

The hotline was created by comedian and author Jessica Valenti and its mission is to raise awareness and funds for sexual assault prevention and support.

According to its website, the hotline is “designed for those who are survivors of sexual assault, women who feel they were sexually assaulted and those who have been sexually harassed, to report their assaults, harassers and other inappropriate behavior.

It provides the resources necessary to help survivors and their families, and provide advocacy for sexual violence prevention and to advocate on their behalf through education and education campaigns.”

According to a blog post, the Hotline allows people to anonymously report a sexual assault by phone or in person.

It provides a confidential hotline where anyone can report abuse anonymously, or to make a report anonymously.

It’s not the first time the hotline has been criticized.

Earlier this month, a group of comedians accused the Hotlines Hotline of being a “porn hotline” and accused the hotline of promoting a “rape culture.”