The next big thing on Netflix is the movie “House of Cups,” but executive producer Matt Damon is not about to get ahead of himself.

Damon, who is directing the movie, has been working with “House” producers Ryan Murphy and David S. Goyer on writing and directing the film.

When asked if the production is in the very early stages, Damon said, “Not yet.

We’re just getting started.”

And when asked if he has any idea what the movie will be like, Damon responded, “No idea.

I don’t think there’s any plans.”

The first part of the script will focus on the rise of the House of Cards, the fictional TV show based on the late-20th century comic strip.

When the movie opens, the House is reeling from a series of murders and scandals, but it turns out that the killings were ordered by the new president, who has vowed to put down the House.

The film is set to be released in 2019.