The job of a housekeeping assistant is pretty much the same as a professional maid.

They clean your home, make sure you’re clean and have your toilet flushed, make the beds look good, clean the dishes and wash your hands.

If you want to work in a hospital, you’ll need to be an RN, which is why you’ll find housekeeping and hospital housekeepers listed on the NHS website.

The job is often considered very difficult, but the pay is decent, so it’s worth it.

We’ve got the basics covered.

A homecare nurse has a role similar to a nurse, but they’re typically hired to take care of patients at home.

Homecare nurses are usually paid £8 per hour.

You’ll work with a homecare assistant for up to 24 hours per week.

You can also work as a housecleaning assistant, although that’s probably best for older people, so you’re likely to be more experienced at the job.

It’s important to note that you’ll be expected to clean your house at least twice a week, so if you work in the hospital, your housecleans are likely to take longer than those of other jobs.

You may also have to wash the floor, change the carpets, sweep the floor or do other housekeeping chores.

Some homecare nurses have also worked as housekeepers at other hospitals, and there are some specialised jobs available for homecare workers.

You’re also likely to have to clean toilets, which can be time consuming.

It may be worth checking the NHS site for a list of jobs and pay.

Your role may be slightly different to a professional nurse, which would be a housewife, but you can get into this if you’re keen to work for free.

If it’s a hospital homecare job, you may have to get a certificate to prove that you have a home-based training.

This will allow you to work as an RN or Aircreen, which allows you to practice in the home of a patient.

You might also be able to work at a GP or dental clinic.

It could be worthwhile checking out the NHS homecare website to see if there’s a job that fits your interests.

What’s a home care nurse like?

You’ll need the right qualifications to take on the home care role, so look out for the skills that are important to you.

You should be able: to understand how to work with patients