I think it’s pretty safe to say that Arnold Housekeeping cost more than that.

I think the fact that they got it for $1 million, that’s just crazy.

You would think it would be a lot of money.

The Bachelor, which had its season finale last week, cost $10 million.

That’s not cheap.

If you look at the show’s final cost, it’s just over $2 million per episode.

If it’s $10 per episode, you’re talking about a $300,000 per episode deal.

I would have guessed they were doing $300 million a year, and then you have to factor in how many houses the show is built around.

The last time we had the show, the housekeepers were like, “Okay, this is not gonna work.”

And the producers were like “You’re gonna do it.

It’s not going to work.

It doesn’t have a ring.”

It was so hard.

So, now we have a show that was actually built around it, and I think this show is going to be really interesting.

I’m excited about what it’s going to do.

I love the show.

It is so interesting.

And then, because of all the money they’re paying, the producers are also getting paid a lot.

You’ve got these amazing producers who are doing these incredible shows.

I feel like they’re going to have a really good year.

You’re going.

If they do well, it’ll be really hard to do anything else.

I was at a cocktail party with a bunch of people, and it was a really, really cool thing to watch, because they were all just in awe of the show that the producers have been building for a long time.

I know that I have a lot more to say about the show in the future.

They did have a few people, like, go back to their old homes to do some renovations.

And they had a housekeeper who was working there now.

They had some very old friends.

But it was really, truly, incredible.

I had a lot to say, too.

I wanted to thank everybody involved, because I have to give a big thank you to everyone involved in this show, even if it was $10million and $1.2 million.

The producers, I know, have been really, very upfront with me.

I really want to say thank you.

They gave me a really cool housekeeper.

They made sure that she was paid well.

They’re super generous.

I don’t think I would be in this business without them.

And I have all the respect for them, and they’ve been super, super supportive.

And that’s the best part of it, because it was just a really wonderful experience, because we’re all working together.

And so, I would say, thank you all, especially the producers.

It was a very enjoyable experience.