When I got back home I immediately noticed that my husband had a few stains on his shoes and socks.

They were dirty, but not too bad, I thought, and I cleaned them.

But I noticed that his socks had a bit of pink in them.

I tried washing them, but they were all dirty and the pink was still there.

It was a bit upsetting because it looked like the socks had been in the washing machine and they were stained.

But my husband was still so embarrassed that he didn’t want to tell me about it, so I decided to tell him about it.

He was very apologetic, and he promised to do better.

The next day, he went out to clean the house.

The first thing he did was to get the socks and socks and shoe boxes from his closet, but he didn´t take off the socks.

He put them back on.

So I asked him, “What´s wrong?”

He said, “I´m really embarrassed, I didn´ve put them on properly.”

I said, Well, they weren´t wet, so you can´t clean them.

And he said, No, I couldn´t.

Then I told him that I was really embarrassed and that he should take them off.

And that I had to wash the socks because the pink stain was still on them.

He said he would wash them himself.

And so he did, and washed them.

So that was the first time I noticed the stain on the socks that I didn’t take off.

After washing them he put them in the dryer and put them away for a week.

And I took him back to the house to put them up.

So the next day he was just cleaning the room again and he cleaned them all in about two hours.

After that, I put the socks on again.

So it was about two weeks of cleaning before he had to do it again, and that was when he asked me to do the same.

I was shocked.

He had never asked me before.

So, when I saw that he had done it, I was upset, because it wasn´t something that he would have asked me about.

And, you know, that was really upsetting.

So after that, he didn`t clean his room for a while and only went out once a week to get his shoes.

So he cleaned only once a year, because I was not very good at washing shoes.

I only washed them every year.

And every time he got dressed I washed them, too.

He didn´tt wash his socks at all.

He never did the laundry, so there was no washing for two years.

And then, he came home one day to find that his sock box was dirty and that the stain had disappeared.

And after that he started washing his socks, but it took me about three months to get over the fact that he was doing it.

I didn`tt do it for him for a long time, and then he did it to me.

And it became a very bad habit.

I had a lot of friends who were cleaning house, and they would go out in the house with their shoes and do the washing.

But then I started noticing that his shoes were dirty and his socks were dirty.

And my husband told me that he thought I was doing him a favour because I never did anything about it before.

And we started thinking about doing something about it when I started seeing that he hadn´t been cleaning his room and that I wasn´ t washing my socks.

And the next morning I said to him, You should do the laundry for a month.

And of course he said yes.

So we went back to doing it once a month and I did it.

And in between he cleaned his room once a day, and if he didnít do it, he cleaned it every day.

And by the end of it, it became normal for him to wash his shoes every day, too, so it was pretty routine.

But at that point, I started to realize that he did not care that I did the washing and that it was normal for me to clean his socks every day because I didníve done it before, too—that he didn�t see it as an issue.

But after a while I realized that he just didn´td care and I began to notice that he kept doing it to himself.

I started taking pictures of him doing it and sending them to him.

So then I sent a picture to him and said, I can do this once a fortnight, and, well, you will get a lot more compliments.

And a few weeks later he sent a very nice letter to me and said that he liked it and that that made him feel better.

And now, he says that he does it twice a week and that sometimes he does this when he is at