A Toronto housekeeper is being paid $5.15 an hour to work at a Toronto home where the average rent is $2,100.

Article Continued BelowThe minimum wage is set to rise to $15 an hourly wage by 2021, which would increase the number of people in Toronto to about 4,500, according to the city’s Labour Relations Board.

The job is one of many that would be offered to housekeepers at Toronto’s two major home care companies.

The two companies have been working together for about three years to expand their service to a broader clientele.

The company, Housekeeping International, says it hires housekeeping professionals to work with seniors and people with disabilities.

Housekeeping International employs roughly 1,000 people.

Its CEO, Heather Marder, says she was shocked to hear the hourly wage.

She said the $5 minimum is the lowest she’s seen in Canada and it’s something we’d like to see everywhere.

“It’s a fair wage,” she said.

“We’re not trying to push people into the lowest paid position.

We’re not looking to push them into anything.

We want them to work for us.”

The average Toronto house is currently worth $1,250 a year, according the Toronto Real Estate Board.

A Toronto real estate board spokesperson says they don’t comment on staffing matters.

The city’s labour relations board says it has reviewed the company’s hiring practices and has agreed to raise the hourly rate to $5 per hour starting in 2021.