If you’re one of those people who always feel like you need a good reason to wear a housekeeping outfit, you may want to reconsider.

The shirts, which are popular among the elderly, are made with natural fibers that can help prevent the spread of germs.

And since they’re often worn while bathing, they also help keep people cool and prevent skin irritation from germs in the water.

However, if you’re concerned about germs getting inside the shirt, you can use a special disinfectant that can remove germs without putting them in your mouth.

The most common disinfectant is Triclosan, which is a disinfectant found in most household cleaners.

You can buy the most effective disinfectant, and it’s available from most grocery stores.

“The reason it’s important to wear these is because it’s such a common occurrence,” said Dr. Robert Pappas, a professor of preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

“It can happen to anyone who is not careful and does not wash their hands.”

If you’re worried that your clothes may be harboring germs, you might consider wearing the shirt in the shower or in the bathroom where you’ll have the opportunity to do some disinfection.

“There are no guarantees you won’t catch something,” Pappa said.

“The fact is, you shouldn’t be washing your hands after washing your clothes.”

To get the most out of the housekeeping items, Pappados recommends wearing them in the tub or shower, rather than in a hot tub.

“Wearing the housekeeper shirt in a shower is probably one of the safest things you can do,” Pops said.

The best thing you can expect from housekeeping products is that they’re safe to use, but they’re not perfect.

Some products contain chemicals that can cause skin irritation, such as chlorine and phthalates.

“You can use them as a disinfecting agent, or you can throw them away,” Puts said.

Pops recommends washing the housekeepers shirt after every use, because the disinfectant will absorb the water, and the bleach will neutralize the chlorine and deter bacteria.

“It’s really important to wash your housekeepers shirts regularly,” Paps said.