You may have been tempted to wash your hands with sex toys but if you have a habit of accidentally dropping them into your sink, there are some things you can do to prevent accidental drops.


If you want to use sex toys, use them safely: Most sex toys are meant for sex and not for washing hands.

But if you’re unsure if you want your partner to use them, make sure they’re not dangerous.

In addition to wearing latex gloves when you’re using them, wear a mask.

If the sex toy is not meant for washing your hands, wash it in cold water.


Wash your hands in a different way than you do with clothes: If you’re wearing latex and it’s accidentally dropped, wash your fingers and hands in cold, dry water.

If your sex toy was meant for use in sex, wash them in cold and/or damp water, and only use it for one time per session.


Make sure you’re not putting it in your mouth: While sex toys have been shown to be safe for mouth-to-mouth use, there’s still a chance of accidental contact.

So wash your mouth in warm, hot, and humid water with soap and water, then use the soap to wipe down your teeth.


Be sure your hands are clean before using them: It’s important to wash them with soap.

This is especially important if you accidentally dropped your sex toys and are concerned that they’re still there.


If a sex toy has a safety label: If your toy has an “Instructions Only” label, the label should be placed on the back of the toy, and not on the tip of the vibrator.

If it’s labeled “Safe for use with a condom” and you’re curious about its safety, you should read the label.


Wash hands after using them once: After you’ve used your toy, wash the tip and sides of your hands thoroughly with warm, water.


If washing hands with latex is too much work, try using a hand sanitizer: If washing your hand with a toy is too messy, try mixing up a hand-sanitizer solution with a little lemon juice.

The mixture will help to remove the soap residue from your hands and your partner’s.


Don’t use the same sex toy twice: If a partner uses two different sex toys at once, it’s best to use only one.

If they use more than one, you can ask your partner for permission to change them.


Keep it safe: If sex toys can get stuck in the dishwasher, it could be harmful to the hands of your partner.

And if you think your sex partner has a health condition or has an infection, it might be best to get help for it before you start using a new sex toy.