Tommy Boy, an unemployed housekeeper in rural Kentucky, hired some of her friends to help clean the house, according to the Associated Press. 

The family told the AP they started cleaning the house around the holidays, but were unsure how many people were working at the time.

“I thought, ‘Oh, we should get some people here and just help out,’ ” said the young mother of two, who asked not to be named.

When they got to the house to help, they noticed a group of housekeepers working on the outside of the house.

“I think we should be working on that outside,” she said.

Tommy Boy says he wanted to help out, so he hired three of his friends to work on the inside of the home. 

They found a bunch of other people working on a computer, so they started to do some housekeeping, Tommy said.

Tommy says he’s grateful for their help and that they have made the house much more comfortable for him and his family.

They’re still working on some more cleaning, but the kids are happy about it.

“It’s a great job,” said Tommy.

“It’s nice to have someone to do the housekeeping.”