When the summer comes around, it’s time to prepare for the new year with the housekeeping duties that are typically assigned to the first month of a new job.

The job title may be “housekeeping,” but it’s not the job description.

A housekeeper’s job is to make sure that the home you live in stays clean and tidy.

And as it turns out, the tasks of a housekeeper vary by job title.

There are cleaning and maintenance jobs, kitchen and dining jobs, as well as laundry and catering jobs.

Here are the housekeeper jobs and their duties: HOUSEHOLDING: A HOUSEHOLDER’s job responsibilities: Keep the house clean and to the highest standard.

Clean the kitchen and bathroom.

Use the wash basin, tub, and shower to wash dishes, soap dishes, towels, linens, and other items.

Keep dishes clean and free from dust.

Wash the countertops and cabinets, and clean and dry all other furniture.

Keep a dishwasher running and clean up after your guests.

Clean out the kitchen sink.

Use an alcohol-based cleaner for carpets, linoleum, and drywall.

Keep the dishwasher clean and clean your own counters.

Clean dishes, clean the floor, and wash dishes in the dish washing machine.

Wash dishes in your dishwasher after using it to wash your own dishes.

Keep all dishes in a single bucket and dry them.

Use a dish dryer to clean your dish dishes, the sink, and dish racks.

Clean any furniture and clean any appliances, including ovens and refrigerators.

Wash clothes and towels.

Wash your hands and wash clothes and your hands, then hang your clothing or towels in the washing machine for extra drying.

Clean and dry furniture and furnishings, as long as they don’t have holes in them.

The cleaning and dryers are typically located on floors or walls.

HOUSEHELPER: A HANDHELDER’s task responsibilities: Take care of the house’s internal functions, such as making food, making a bed, and so forth.

Maintain the house as it’s currently constructed.

Clean, clean and maintain all exterior surfaces and furnishers, as far as they go.

Wash and clean the furniture and other objects, such that it doesn’t have any marks.

Use your hands to scrub any stains, grime, or other stains.

Wash towels, blankets, pillows, and furniture.

Clean all exterior and interior surfaces.

Clean your own home.

Do laundry for free.

Clean kitchen and dishwashing equipment.

Clean carpets and floors.

Clean or dry the sink.

Clean a sink, dishwasher, and dishes.

Wash, dry, and air dry the kitchen, dining, and living room furniture.

Wash tables and chairs.

Clean flooring, walls, walls and ceiling, and carpets.

Clean furniture, appliances, and surfaces, including the inside of walls.

Clean floors, floors and ceilings, and appliances.

Wash walls and floors, carpets (including walls and ceilings), walls, and ceilings and walls.

Wash floors, ceilings, floors, and walls, as needed.

Clean up and vacate your home.

Clean windows and doors.

Clean walls and flooring and other surfaces.

Wash windows and glass, and keep your home tidy and neat.

Wash all furniture and appliances and furniture in the house.

Wash carpets on the flooring.

Wash furniture, carpettes, and floorboards.

Wash any outside surfaces, such the carpet on the carpet, the floorboards, the carpets in the carpeting, and the carpet in the home.

Wash a sink and dishwasher for free or for a limited time.

Wash food, cookware, and utensils on the countertop, and do a sweep to remove dust and grime.

Wash flooring or furniture in a kitchen and dry your own furniture for free, but do not remove the grime and dirt from the furniture.

When washing dishes, rinse the utensil, utensi, or any part of the utension.

Wash hands after using a dish or cleaning utensant.

Wash linens and towels before putting them in the wash.

Wash kitchen dishes before cooking them.

Wash bedding and pillowcases before putting the bedding in the sink or dishwasher.

Wash washing machines before washing dishes.

The tasks of the washing maid vary depending on the job title and the job category.

HOUSEHOLEMAN: A SHELTERMAN’s job duties: Clean up spills and spills of any kind.

Use hand sanitizer, soap, and detergent.

Clean surfaces.

Take care not to put any grease on any surfaces.

Put clothes and other cleaning supplies into a laundry basket.

Clean spills, dust, and debris.

Wash shoes, clothes, linings, and floors before putting items in the laundry basket or into the sink for washing.

Clean water and air filters and sanitizers.

Wash or dry towels, bedding, and bedding linens before putting clothing in the