You’re the master of housekeeping when it comes to creating memes, and you’ve been honing your craft for years.

If you’re new to memes, here’s a rundown of how you can take the most of your old favorites and make them your own.1.

Housekeeping memes are about personality, not scienceThis meme, from 2011, depicts a family’s dog.

In the caption, the dog is depicted as a young, white woman who is looking up to her mother, whom she sees as a role model.

The dog is also shown eating a banana.

The caption reads: “I just love when my mother takes her time to pick the right banana for me.

That’s why I love eating a ripe banana in the morning!”2.

A housekeeping-meme poster on Instagram shows a woman wearing a red dress, black lipstick, and red lipstick.

The post reads: A little girl with a little black dress.

The girl looks up and smiles at the camera and says, “That was my mom.”

The caption says: “My mom is a super cute girl.”3.

A poster on Twitter calls herself “My Little Mom,” but it’s actually a photo of a young girl who looks up to a poster who calls herself mommy.

In a photo caption, a girl is shown in a black dress, and the caption reads, “A girl with black dress.”

The girl is also seen eating a Banana.

The photo caption reads “I’m a little girl from South Carolina who loves banana.”4.

A family’s daughter is shown playing with a dog and has a banana on her head.

The family says, in a caption, that the child is the “first-born daughter of my great-grandmother.”

The image caption reads that the family has been playing with dogs and cats since they were little.

The image is captioned with a picture of a girl in a pink dress.5.

A picture of the family’s toddler son with a banana in his mouth, holding a banana, and a banana tree next to his head.

He is also wearing a hat.

The picture caption reads in a text that “I was born on April 4, 2016.

I’ve been called my daddy by my parents since I was a toddler.

I’m proud of being a first-born child of my mother.”6.

A meme from a local news station shows a man with a black beard and a yellow shirt, smiling and laughing.

The headline reads, The son of a man who looks like he’s wearing a suit.

The tweet says: A man with his beard and shirt, with the caption “I look like I’m wearing a shirt with my suit on.”7.

A photo of an old-timey family photo shows a young woman in a dress, a black skirt, and black shoes, while the caption says, I love my mom, my grandma, my grandpa.

The woman looks up at the photo caption and says: I’m not just your mom, I’m your grandma.

The text reads: My grandmother is your mom.

The person who wrote this is named My Aunt Mary.8.

A Facebook post shows a housekeeping poster dressed as a woman who looks down at a poster with a baby in a baby seat.

The poster says, It’s my favorite time of year.

The Facebook caption reads with a quote from a housekeeper saying: It’s not time for my baby sitter to do the laundry, it’s time for me to cook.9.

A post from the Housekeeping Club of America says, There is no such thing as a housewife, but there is a housekeepers club!

Housekeeping is a group of women who love their jobs and are proud to be housekeepers.

The group has a newsletter with posts that feature housekeeping photos and stories, which includes an old photo of Housekeepers Club president Susan D. St. Clair wearing a dress.10.

A Housekeeping poster on a Pinterest page shows a group photo of the poster in her wedding dress and a dress that says, In my house.

The Post says, Housekeeping: The best of a good time is a family reunion.

This housekeeping post is a tribute to those who are still looking for that moment.11.

A couple’s wedding photo is shown on a Facebook page and a post says, We had a big party and we had a great time, but one thing that was missing was our housekeeper.

We had to move, so we had to find someone else to take care of the house.

It’s an amazing and fun meme to see how many people have embraced it!12.

A girl on Instagram says she doesn’t know who her housekeeper is, but she is still very happy to be her housekeeping mom.

In her post, the girl says she loves being her housekeepers mom.

She captioned the post, My housekeepers are my family.