When the National Football League and NBC are able to agree on what constitutes a housekeeping novel in a new NBC series, the producers are supposed to go out and find people who do the same job as they do.

And while the NFL has an extensive database of housekeeping agents and housekeepers, it’s unclear whether the network can provide its members with an extensive pool of professionals to work with, according to an NBC source familiar with the matter. 

“The league has a database of people that do housekeeping,” the source said.

“There are a lot of people on that list that have the ability to do the job.

It’s not necessarily the only way to do it.

It depends on what you’re looking for.”

The source noted that the NFL is in the process of expanding its roster of housekeepers.

The NFL has about 6,000 housekeepers on the active roster, and the source noted the league may look to expand the pool of housekeeper agents in the future.

But the source added that “the league is not ready to make a call on what its housekeeping roster is going to look like.” 

While the NFL already has several housekeepers who are licensed to do housework in a variety of areas, it is unclear if NBC’s housekeeping crew can provide an equivalent level of professional services in the field.

In the NFL, the home team is responsible for the upkeep of a home team’s equipment and personnel, and a number of those personnel are employed by the NFL.

The source also said that the source also mentioned that the production team at the end of each season might look to hire more housekeepers in order to make up for the loss of one or more personnel.

The source also noted that NBC is not likely to announce a specific hire for its housekeepers until after the season is over, which would give the production staff ample time to consider the hiring.