A resume for a housekeeping job posting for $80,000 on Craigslist says the person is a “highly motivated” employee with “many years of experience in the hospitality industry”.

The ad was posted on the job site SeekingArrangement.com in January, a week after a New York City restaurant was forced to close after two servers were killed in an explosion.

The ad, which was posted by a user named Joe, listed the job posting as a “housekeeping job for the person’s home”.

The listing was on the site before the incident, but the new job posting was not made public.

The listing has since been removed.

A spokesperson for the Craigslist site confirmed to Mashable the listing was removed and that the listing is now offline.

The company also said the job was only available in the US, with a spokesperson telling Mashable that “we can’t comment on the specifics of an ad.”

We have not removed the listing, and are in the process of contacting the owner to remove the listing.