A year ago, I was doing laundry.

Now I am trying to keep my house tidy, and my house is looking much better.

But I haven’t forgotten the things that I learned from my laundry-man-like days.

Let’s get some housekeeping essentials out of the way: 1.

Wash your hands thoroughly after washing clothes and household items.

Wash in cold water only, and not soap.


If you’re not cleaning your clothes after each use, make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned them.


Put your laundry baskets and dishes in a sink and then wash them after each wash.


Wash a dishwasher twice.

I never use a dishwashing machine now, but I still wash dishes twice a week, once with a bucket and once with soap.


If your house is cold, consider using a thermostat or thermostatic device that can control the temperature.

I use a timer and it does a great job.

If it’s on, I don’t want to be too hot to get things done.


If a dish has been in the dishwasher for more than 15 minutes, put it in a bucket of warm water.


If using a dishwashers, make them dishwasher safe.

I’m in the process of cleaning out my house and have had trouble finding dishwasher safe dishwashing products.


If the dish washer is too large or too small, it will get water on the surface of the dish, so I like to use a bowl to rinse dishes.

If I need to remove a dish from the dishwashing cycle, I use my fingers.


If there’s a spot on your kitchen sink that’s getting too dirty, you can use a washcloth to get rid of the residue.


If washing in cold weather is an option, make the dish washing cycle cold.

I like the feel of the cold water and the soap.