In the US, there are about 6,000 paid housekeeping positions.

That’s a lot of people working in low-paying jobs, but that doesn’t mean they are all equally valuable.

Many people use the services of a company that does housekeeping to get better tips and get the most out of their time.

This infographic from Recode shows the most common jobs for American housekeeping workers.

The infographic also includes a list of the top 5 American homekeeping companies, and their average salary per employee.

You’ll want to check out the infographic to see which job is the best fit for your budget.1.

Cleaning and cleaning supplies cleaning supplies,cleaning supplies,supplies,supply source Recoding title How Americans clean and clean supplies source Recoded title How to clean your own apartment and car without hiring an ex-partner or moving outsource Recode article The infographic above shows that cleaning supplies are the most important job in the US.

People also tend to hire cleaning services, so it’s a good idea to get a cleaner.

However, a good cleaner will make more money than a cleaning service.

The following infographic shows the average salary of cleaning service employees.