MANHWA, Myanmar (AP) A woman was hosed down with bleach after an interview with a housekeeper, a manhui master who says he had no control over the job, and the owner of a barbershop.

Manhwa master Htay-Lang Aung said he was taking his family to the city of Manhwa for the funeral of his late wife, who was a housemaid in his home village of Agyen, north of the capital.

When he arrived in the city, Aung told AP he was met by the owner and told to clean the house.

He said the owner had asked him to help with the job as the family needed a cleaner.

After a week of cleaning, Aun said the housekeeper came to him, and asked for permission to hire a house helper to help clean up the house after the funeral.

He was surprised when she told him she didn’t have the money for him to pay her.

He said she had to pay more than $4,000 to the barbers, who agreed.

The owner said Aung then took him to a hotel and asked him how he could help.

He told him he could buy a house, but the house wasn’t there yet.

Aung insisted he did not have to buy the house, which the owner told him was in the province of Khunming.

He took a train to the province and went to buy a building for the house he had planned to build in his village.

He spent the next few weeks cleaning up the building, taking photographs and helping with the work.

After the family arrived back in Manhwan, the owner said she sent Aung to another barbershops and told him to find a cleaner, according to Aung.

After the family returned, Aang said he tried to take a break and went for a walk, but he was told to keep working.

Aung said the next day he saw a man coming up to him in the street and asked if he could get a haircut.

Aang told the man he didn’t know what he was doing and went back to work.

A few days later, he said, a new housekeeper arrived, who told him the house was already done and he had to take it back.

He didn’t want to work again, Aaun said.

He was hired as a housecleaner in another barber shop in Khunmya province.

The owners of the barber shops declined to comment, but Aung says they told him they would do everything possible to get him back on his feet.

He says he has no idea how many people he has hired to help him, but estimates they paid $500 a day.