Candy bars, cookies and other snacks have been on the market for years, but it’s the kind of nostalgia that can really get your attention.

This time, the brand has its sights set on the fast-food industry, according to a recent ad campaign.

Read moreFlorence Jones, the CEO of Good Housekeeping Institute, the company behind the campaign, told The Hill that they plan to bring back the brand and that it will be a major competitor to McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

The company has already launched ads in the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angles Times.

The campaign, which is slated to run in the coming months, will feature more than 500 ads across various categories, including cookies, candy bars, snack bars, chocolate bars and other flavors.

The ad campaign, Jones said, will focus on the nostalgia factor, and will highlight the products and services that have stood the test of time.

For example, the ad will showcase a selection of candy bars that have been around for more than 30 years.

The ads will also highlight a selection from a variety of flavors and other products that have become iconic to Americans, including candy bars from Hershey’s, Hershey Kisses and Lucky Charms.

“We wanted to show consumers that it’s not just a matter of nostalgia,” Jones said.

“It’s about being able to make that connection.”

“If you’re a fan of a product and you think it’s good, you’ll try to get in touch with us,” Jones continued.

“If you think you might like something, then you’ll want to get a taste.”

Jones said the company will launch a new website in the near future to promote the brand.

Good Housekeepers is the oldest candy bar company in the country, founded in 1929 and based in Philadelphia, Pa.

The brand is owned by Good Housekeeper Industries, Inc., a division of the National Grocery Stores Association.

The candy bars are sold in stores nationwide, including at the Target Center and Kroger, and in more than 100 countries.