Brady bunch housekeeping meme is not real but the name is fake, according to an investigation by the UK tabloid the Daily Mail.

The bizarre mystery has been dubbed the Brady bunch Housekeeping meme and is not really a housekeeping business at all, according the Daily Telegraph.

“A Brady bunch is a group of four people who keep a home for each other in an attempt to create a sense of belonging,” a description on the website says.

“One of the reasons Brady bunch owners often say they are so attached to their home is that the only other home they can find is their own.”

The article also says the word “barking” in the title is a common term for a housekeeper.

“This is not a genuine housekeeping brand, but it’s still quite a name, so if you want to check it out, just scroll down to the bottom of the article and you’ll see the article is the Brady stuff.”

In addition to Brady, the article claims that the Brady trio have several other brands such as Brady House, Brady Family and Brady Housekeeper, but the site does not specify which ones.

In fact, it doesn’t even list the names of any of the businesses, only that they are all Brady related.

“Brady housekeeping is based in a small cottage in Somerset, England, and their motto is to be ‘as close to home as possible’ in a way that doesn’t involve driving to work,” the website claims.

“The site features a range of products, from dog biscuits to baby food, to house cleaning kits, and even a ‘brady’ candle which is supposed to bring out the Brady family spirit.”

Brady Family and its Brady Housekeepers, for example, were founded in 1997.

Brady House and Brady Family Home Care, which is a division of Brady Housekeeping, were launched in 2007.

Both companies advertise their products on their website.

The website also claims the company is owned by the Brady House family and the Brady brothers, and Brady family members include his mother, mother-in-law and brothers-in, as well as his father, brothers-on-the-side, brothers and sisters.

“When you’re a Brady family member you’re always welcome to visit, so come on in and get to know the housekeepers,” the description on Brady House says.

In the UK, Brady family is the oldest family in the world.

The Brady Housewives are also known for being a family business and have also been featured in movies such as Gossip Girl, Game of Thrones and House of Cards.

In 2018, the Brady Brothers announced they would be making a sequel to their hit show, House of Thrones.

In 2019, Brady House closed down and the family will not be returning to the TV series.