When you’re stuck in a room with no one around, you’re not exactly a mystery.

The room will feel empty, but there’s no way to tell who’s in there.

And once you’re trapped, there’s nothing you can do to get out.

So how do you escape a room full of ghosts?

It’s not that hard.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

The Room Should Be EmptyBefore you can escape, you need a good, clean room.

A clean room, in fact, is the most important thing you can have in a haunted house.

You’ll need to clean up the clutter, and get rid of any decorations, but the key is to make sure there are no items that might attract a ghost or the spirits of the deceased.

A place that smells like someone’s ghost or dead should be empty, with no decorations, and ideally, no furniture.2.

Keep a Candle or Lighter in the RoomThe candles you’ll need for the ghost room are not as important as the lamp you’ll use to light it.

If the room has a fireplace, then use the fireplace, as the candles will be visible from inside.

If it has no fireplace, use the table lamp or a small candle.

The table lamp will give you the same effect.3.

Don’t Throw Anything into the RoomEven if the room is empty, there are some items you’ll want to leave behind, including food, blankets, and a small purse.

If you’re staying at a house where there’s a lot of visitors, you’ll probably want to bring along some souvenirs, like a photo album or a book, and bring along the clothes that you’ll be wearing.4.

Leave Some Items on the FloorYou’ll need a clean floor, so you’ll have to clean the floor, and you’ll also have to remove anything that might have fallen.

You can clean your hands and get the items out of the way, but be careful that you don’t throw any items into the room.

If someone comes into the bathroom, grab the toilet paper, or the sink handle, and put them in the trash can or recycling bin.5.

Move the GhostRoomOut of the room, move it to a safer area.

For a ghost room, you can put a table in front of the fireplace.

But don’t use it for cooking or sitting.

Put it in a safe place away from the fireplace or the living room.6.

Move Out of the RoomAfter you’ve escaped, you should move out of your room and leave any items in the room behind.

If possible, take your shoes and socks and make a makeshift bed in the living area.7.

Get a Clean BedIf the room’s already been cleared of furniture, you might be tempted to just go and do laundry and clean out the bathroom.

That’s a good idea, but that could cause more problems than it solves.

If there’s an item you think might be a clue, make sure to pick it up.

The item is likely to be hidden in the toilet bowl or the bathtub.

If you’re having trouble, talk to your family members or neighbors to find out what the best option is.

If they’re not convinced, take pictures of any items you think may have been in the house.