A new study has found that when housekeeping clean, it’s better for the owner.

A new study, which examined the cleaning of more than 1,600 homes, concluded that housekeepers were much more likely to be positive in their attitudes towards cleaning when their cleaning was done by someone they trusted.

Researchers from the University of Michigan found that housekeeping was more likely when it was done professionally.

The research team compared a list of cleaning tasks from cleaning businesses and found that the cleaning was more positive when it involved a professional cleaner.

The study was published online in the journal Psychological Science.

Dr. Karen E. Brown, a professor of psychology at the University at Buffalo, and her colleagues examined how people responded to cleaning tasks.

The researchers asked the volunteers to perform three tasks.

They were asked to clean the house in two different ways, with and without a professional, to check the house for signs of mold and mildew, and to check for a housekeeping issue.

One of the tasks involved cleaning a living room.

Participants were asked whether they had a professional cleaning service that had been hired by their landlord to clean their home.

When the volunteer had a cleaning service hired by a cleaning company, they were more likely than those who had not had one to rate it positively.

Another task involved a cleaning room.

The researchers asked participants to clean a living area.

They also were asked how likely they were to consider themselves to be a housekeeper.

The results indicated that the more often a house was cleaned by a professional housekeeper, the more positive the participants were toward their cleaning.

This study was based on a survey of more 6,000 Americans.

It also involved more than a dozen other studies conducted in the United States and other countries.

The study did not examine whether housekeeping professionals were better or worse at cleaning the house.

The American Association of Home Health Care Professionals has said that professional cleaning companies are among the safest professions.

It has said it will investigate how professional cleaners in the past have done their jobs and whether any issues have been identified with the way professionals clean houses.