Good housekeepers are crucial in maintaining the quality of the home and making it safe for children to grow up, a new study suggests.

Key points:The study found that the average amount of time spent on housekeeping was the same for boys and girlsThe study also found that boys were more likely to be concerned about housekeeping than girlsThe Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) found that while the average length of a week spent on household chores was the exact same for all age groups, boys and young girls had different priorities.

The study was conducted by the University of Western Australia’s School of Public Health and Community Health, which was working on the Healthy Families in Australia project.

The researchers used data from the ABS Household Survey and the Household Work and Care Survey to find the average number of hours spent on domestic chores for boys in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

The average time spent by boys on domestic duties was 8.5 hours and girls spent 7.9 hours.

“We’ve got a little bit of data on the age groups of boys and then girls, and we’ve found the average time of each one,” Associate Professor Michelle McEwen said.

“So the average is 8.9 and the average was 7.2.

And the average for girls is 6.9.”

While this was the most time spent of all age group, the study found boys were less likely to get worried about housework than girls.

“In the case of boys, the amount of work that they’re getting done and the number of chores they’re doing are really low and they’re actually not worried about it at all,” Associate Prof McEwan said.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies said the study was “incredibly important” in establishing the importance of good housekeepers.

“Good housekeeping is the mainstay of a safe and healthy family environment,” AIFS president Dr Jane Harkins said.

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