A number of New Zealand homekeepers are facing disciplinary action for not using the appropriate washing tools, The Huffington post reports.

In a new investigation, The HuffPost discovered that one New Zealand woman’s family has been accused of using the wrong soap for three years.

The family allegedly used the wrong shampoo, and the household has been told it must use only one product for three days a week.

It is unclear whether the family has had a full cleaning and maintenance plan in place.

The New Zealand Herald reported that one of the women in the family told The Huffington Pundit that the cleaning and upkeep was not happening in a timely manner, because of the nature of the cleaning.

“I think we should be taking care of our household, and we should have done this years ago,” she said.

The Herald reports that the family’s cleaning was put on hold in October last year, and a new cleaning plan was issued in September.

The newspaper says that while the family members are being penalized, there is a lack of resources and support for homekeepers.

The Hutt River, which runs through the city of Alice Springs, is considered one of Australia’s most polluted rivers, and some areas are considered to be unsafe for swimming.

The investigation into the housekeeping scandal has been launched by The Australian Council of Social Services, and has already been referred to the Australian Human Rights Commission.