The Guardian 1/6 A cleaning service that has helped keep the streets clean for the past five years.

They are looking for people to help them with this task.

The job pays about £10 an hour and the service’s founder, Simon, said: ‘There is nothing more rewarding in our lives than to see a neighbour clean their house, and to see the neighbours themselves cleaning their own homes’ Getty 2/6 This housekeeping job is so well known, that even a housekeeper at a nearby pub knows who does it.

This is not a job for the faint of heart, but the job has been recognised as a success story by a former cleaning lady.

It’s one of the many cleaners who have been recognised for their work, including a local businessman who has been given a free washing machine and a new car.

The cleaning lady, who asked to remain anonymous, said she was working in the same area of the city as a house cleaner for five years when the job started and she noticed a change in the cleaning environment.

She said: I’ve been doing it for six years and the cleaning staff at the pub don’t notice anything different in the environment.

It just seems the cleaners are always getting their jobs done better’ Getty 3/6 It is a job that can pay well in the UK, but this is a particularly challenging one in Romania.

The average salary is about £6 an hour, and it takes at least three weeks to finish a clean job.

The cleaners say they are being paid on top of their work and a couple are even earning more than £100 an hour.

The work takes three days to complete, with a break of two weeks in between.

The company, which has a shop on the outskirts of Bucharest, says the work is so rewarding, that it’s given them the nickname “The Man in the Manger”.

The cleaning company’s founder said: The job is such a rewarding experience.

It is like a dream job for me.

It makes me feel good to have such a good pay’ Getty 4/6 The cleaners earn £10 per hour.

In Romania, the average salary for a housecleaner is £10.60 an hour according to the European Commission.

It says that this amount is below the minimum wage in Romania and that workers who are earning this amount are not entitled to overtime pay.

Getty 5/6 They are not paid a living wage, but a living allowance of just under £1,000 a month.

The Romanian government says that a living rate of £1.75 an hour is the minimum a household needs to live comfortably.

The owners of the company, called La Comandante, have said that the minimum living allowance for cleaners is £1 000 a month, which they say is ‘not enough’ for them to live on.

Getty 6/6 Some cleaners are paid more than others.

Workers at the cleaning company say that the majority of cleaners earn around £20 per hour, while some make up to £60 per hour Getty 1/7 A cleaning job that has worked for five decades.

They say they feel like their work is important.

This man has been working as a cleaner for more than five years, earning a decent living and a decent wage.

He said: It’s so important to me.

I am such a proud owner.

It has helped me a lot and I am not complaining.

2/7 This housekeeper that has a clean house is one of many cleaners that have been recognized for their hard work.

The business owner says that they are the ‘best in the world’ when it comes to cleaning the streets.

The owner of La Comando, named Simon, is also the owner of a cleaning service called “Housekeepers”.

He said that he has a good relationship with the cleaning workers and they are very grateful for his work.

He told local media that he sees a lot of housekeepers that are doing the work that he is doing.

He added that he was surprised to see that he wasn’t getting any recognition, and said: This is a business that I have worked in for five or six years, and I’m not getting any praise.

I think that people are being a little bit too critical of us, when I feel like we are doing our job well, we are just doing it because we are very well paid’ Getty Getty 3 /7 It is an easy job, and many people get their jobs from a family member.

However, some cleaners have had to change careers because of their age, health and financial situation.

One cleaner who worked for 20 years told the BBC: ‘I have been cleaning my own home for over 20 years and I still do not think I would be able to keep up the work for that long without help from my family.’

Getty Images 4/7 The cleaners are not allowed to work more than three days a week, but that does not stop them doing so.

The workers say