Los Angeles-based housekeeper Mark Wiebe, who’s been a fixture in the entertainment industry since the early 2000s, has been busy working on a new project that aims to make vacuuming a lot easier.

As part of the project, Wiebbe and his team of cleaning professionals have been putting the finishing touches on a system that is set to be released soon to the public.

“There are three basic parts,” Wiebel told BuzzFeed News.

“The first is the vacuum itself.

We are working with the manufacturers to put together a vacuum that is easy to use.

The other two are the nozzle and the brush that comes with it.

The nozzle comes with a large, flat tip, and it’s a little bit wider than the brush.

The brush is a very long, thin, thin brush, so that it’s easier to apply the vacuum to the areas where the nozzle is.”

“The nozzle comes in two sizes, so if you’re cleaning a dishwasher, you have a smaller nozzle that is slightly bigger than a regular brush, but it’s also thicker, and is wider so it’s more precise and it works with your vacuum cleaner better,” Wiesbe said.

“If you’re doing a laundry room, you can pick up the small one, and the larger one you’ll have a little more reach, so you’ll be able to apply it to more areas.”

The system is set up so that you can use the same nozzle for cleaning your vacuum and for the brush itself.

“I’ve been working on the nozzle because I’ve got my own vacuum and it takes up so much space,” Wiedbe said, “and I’ve never had to do that before.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that easier to do, and how do I make it so it works for all three.

I don’t have a lot of experience with vacuum cleaners, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’ll say this is definitely a new way of doing it, and I think I’ll be fine with it.”

“This is a great way to do it.”

A small, flat, wide, and powerful vacuum nozzle.

(Photo: Mark Wiesbel)The vacuum itself is set aside in a case that can be used for the entire cleaning process, and you can control it from the home screen of the Vacuum app.

Once you’re done, Wiesbbe will then tell you the cleaning task is done, and he will offer you a “quick start guide” that shows you the most important cleaning steps and the directions to follow for the cleaner you want to use for cleaning.

“It’s an extremely simple system,” Wielbe said of the process.

“You just pick up a small, big, flat nozzle that’s just a bit bigger than the regular brush and a little bigger than your hand.”

“If I’m going to use a vacuum cleaner, I just want to get rid of that dishwasher,” Wiestebbe said “and it’s not going to be an issue if I have to brush it out, because it’s so thin.

And I can’t have it smearing up in my hand.

So it’s easy to get it in there, so the cleaning process is just a matter of making sure you’re brushing it right, and then cleaning it properly.”

The product also comes with instructions on how to clean the brushes and vacuums you’re using to get your vacuum clean.

“This system is a big step up,” Wieferbe said when asked if it’s the best way to clean a vacuum.

“And it’s great for the price point, because the vacuum cleaner comes with its own cleaning tools, so it makes cleaning much easier.

I’m sure it’s going to make it easier for people who are just starting out to start cleaning.”

“I think it’s very simple.”

It takes about 30 seconds for Wiebes vacuum cleaner to clean, and Wiesby’s team says that once you’ve cleaned the vacuum with a regular cleaner, you’ll find that you’ll no longer have to use the vacuum for cleaning purposes.

The system, though, is still available for purchase online, and anyone can try it out.

The Vacuum team is hoping to expand the product to other categories of vacuum cleaners in the near future, so people who need a simple, easy-to-use system that can help them with cleaning should consider getting one of the other new vacuum products Wiesberbe has been testing.

“We think this is a fantastic system,” he said.

Wiesbeer’s company, Wiedbes Vacuums, is also working on adding other vacuume cleaning options to the app.

Wiedberbe told BuzzFeed that the team is still working on how those other vacua cleaning options will work, and that he hopes to release