If you’re the kind of person who thinks the word “housekeeping” has lost its meaning and should no longer be used to describe housekeeping tasks, then it’s time to start using the word more intelligently.

As with the word beauty, the word housekeeping is often used in the same sentence as the word ‘beauty’ to refer to the cleaning process, or cleaning techniques.

However, in some instances it’s not always necessary to use ‘housekeeping’ when describing the cleaning.

For example, if you’re cleaning a house, and there’s a significant amount of paint that needs to be removed from a house and replaced, it might be possible to simply say that you’re ‘cleaning’ a room or room area, or that you need to ‘clean up’ a house that’s been neglected for a long time.

It’s important to note, however, that the cleaning term should not always be used as an adverb or in a sentence that means ‘I’m cleaning the room’, as it can be used in both contexts.

For example, ‘I was cleaning my room yesterday’ can be a great way of describing a cleaning process.

As well as using the term housekeeping correctly, you can also use the word to describe cleaning, cleaning tasks, and cleaning techniques, and in many instances you can add ‘house cleaning’ to a list of terms that include cleaning.

If you’re looking to improve your housekeeping skills, it’s worth learning the correct definition of housekeeping and learning the meaning of each of the three cleaning terms.