The mysterious housekeeper who keeps a hotel book is making a name for herself and has a lot of bookkeeping skills.

The bookkeeper, whose identity has been unknown for decades, has been a part of hotels in New York, Florida and elsewhere for more than 20 years.

In 2017, she opened her own hotel in the same neighborhood.

The hotel bookkeeper is known for making housekeeping checks to hotel guests and making sure they don’t pay a room rate higher than the rate the hotel charges its own staff.

But this past January, the mysterious bookkeeper suddenly vanished.

Her name and phone number were listed as being connected to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

The hotel, which she called “Coffee Housekeeping,” said she was a former employee, but she had no connection to it.

Her disappearance was the subject of an investigation by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and a tip from a former hotel staff member who said she had been working in that same location.

The Broward Sheriff’s Department searched her home, but no sign of her was found.

The Sheriff’s department said they were trying to contact her to see if she was still alive.

The owner of the coffee house said they had contacted her and were hoping to work something out.

But the owner of Coffee Housekeeping says the bookkeeper had a history of being violent, even physically threatening and the business owner said he’s never heard of a bookkeeper in that kind of a dispute.

The Coffee Housekeeper has been living with her husband, and now she’s living in a hotel with their two children.

The business owner says the owner did not give him the money or other funds needed for the bookkeeping check.

They are hoping that someone will contact them so they can get her released.

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