The next housekeepers app is coming soon, according to the folks at Better Housekeeping.

The company announced Wednesday that it has been working with the folks behind the new housekeeping software, and has been able to bring a new feature to the market.

The feature will be called “The Home Finder,” which will help users find the best possible home for them based on their personal preferences and requirements.

The new app will be coming soon and will be available to users across all platforms, including iOS and Android.

A new feature of the app will let users see where the next best housekeeper is in the app, and will help them make more informed decisions about where to live.

The Home Finder will help the users to decide where to invest their time, money, and energy to make a home for themselves.

“Our goal with The Home Finder is to empower the consumer to make informed decisions and improve their quality of life,” said Jason Giese, VP of Product Management at Better Houses.

“We know that the people we serve want their homes to be the best they can be and the Home Finder is the first app that will help that happen.”

The Home Founders app is currently only available on the App Store for $0.99 and will soon be available on Google Play.

It’s not clear yet if Better Housekeepers will offer the app to its customers on other platforms.

“I would expect it to be in the future,” Gieses said.

The upcoming app is available to both iOS and OS X users, and the new feature will help Better Housefinders to become a bigger player in the home cleaning industry.

The team behind the app has been testing it with users for a few months and are currently looking into a wider rollout.

“The team is looking at how it would fit in to a wider range of homes,” Giees said, adding that he is also looking into partnerships with other services, including the likes of Yelp and Google Home.

The app will have a total of six homes, and it will be designed to be used by both people who are looking to live in different homes, but also for those who want to be able to manage their house and look after their home at the same time.

Giesen said that the app is being built by a team of 10 people.

“This is the next step in the evolution of Better Housefinding, as we continue to grow our team and make it the leader in the field,” Giedes said in a statement.

“With this partnership, we are able to help our community find and choose the best home for their needs.

We are excited to expand our community of homeowners with our latest addition.”

A few days after the release of the Home Finders app, the company announced that they had secured funding from a $500,000 Series A round from venture capital firm KPCB.

The funding round will allow them to expand the app into new markets.