By John O’Brien”The nursing home is the best job in nursing,” said Amy Lebron, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a nonpartisan think tank.

“It’s very, very important.

There are very few jobs in nursing where you’re not getting paid for it.”

It’s not just the wages.

Nursing homes can’t be relied upon to keep their residents healthy.

A nursing home’s facilities can’t meet state standards, and the state only pays for certain services like inpatient care and outpatient services.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that only 7.6 percent of U..

S.-employed nurses were in the top 10 percent of earners in 2016.

The average salary for nurses in 2017 was $42,300.

The shortage of nurses is exacerbated by the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that private insurers cover at least 70 percent of the cost of nursing home care.

In 2018, that requirement was expanded to include the cost for nursing home residents.

That meant the cost rose to $40,600 for a 65-year-old, $49,400 for a 40-year old, and $63,300 for a 55-year, and older.

For nursing home resident 70-year olds, that means an average annual income of $73,500, or about $19,700 less than the national median income of about $82,400.

In 2018, a quarter of all nursing home home residents lived below the poverty line.

And even the nursing home health care provider who is most likely to offer help to the elderly can’t always get the patients who are most in need there.

“The hospital has to get reimbursed by the government for the costs of the nursing care they do,” Lebion said.

“So it’s not always a good thing.”

“Nursing homes are also the most expensive in the country because there’s a lot of care,” said Susan Shor, senior vice president for policy at the American Hospital Association, an advocacy group for hospitals.

“If you’re going to do a nursing home, it’s going to cost you.”

To find the right nursing home for your needs, you have to know the cost, said Amy Loeb, who manages the nursing and rehabilitation services at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

“I think that the cost to a patient is the most accurate indicator of what you’re getting paid.”

In a nursing care center, you might be paid an hourly rate for your services or a lump sum, said Karen Mazzola, the executive director of the National Council of Hospitals.

That means you can expect to be paid more for the same amount of service, she said.

A state Medicaid waiver allows you to get a higher amount.

To make sure you get the right care, the nursing homes that you choose should have good insurance and you should be able to pay for the care yourself.

That’s important, Lebonsaid.

“Nursers in nursing homes are usually the hardest-working people on the planet.

If you can find a home that is affordable, you can do what you need to do.””

I don’t think that there’s one place that I’ve ever been that I’m like, ‘I can do this job,’ and then go home and be like, `Oh, this is a little bit more challenging,'” said Loeb.

“You’ve got to be smart.

I think that’s where we have the biggest problem.”