Day: July 15, 2021

A new title for ‘housekeeping resumes’

A new book title that combines the title of an online course with a title for a resume has gone viral, with more than 50,000 tweets.The title, titled ‘Housekeeping Resumes: What Every American Should Know’, aims to “help you and your family find and retain a career that is right for you”.It is being promoted […]

How to Write Your First Sewing Machine Job Interview

As a housekeeper, you’re used to having a steady supply of disposable tools and supplies, but you need a machine that will actually make your job fun and rewarding.If you’re like me, you’ve always been intimidated by sewing machines that require you to make things on demand, like the ones at Target and Walmart, or […]

What you need to know about cleaning houses

People have been cleaning houses for generations.However, many people do not know how to properly clean a house and it can result in serious damage to the home.While cleaning is a fairly common process, many homeowners do not realize the full benefits of doing so.The key to keeping your house clean is the right cleaning […]