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When a house is clean, so is the owner

A new study has found that when housekeeping clean, it’s better for the owner.A new study, which examined the cleaning of more than 1,600 homes, concluded that housekeepers were much more likely to be positive in their attitudes towards cleaning when their cleaning was done by someone they trusted.Researchers from the University of Michigan found […]

Why I need a new housekeeper

I have been a housekeeping assistant for almost 20 years, and I’m now ready to move on to the next stage of my career.The reason is simple: it’s time.I’ve been living with a housemaid for about four months, but I don’t want to miss a day of work.And I don, too, since my daughter and […]

What you need to know about cleaning houses

People have been cleaning houses for generations.However, many people do not know how to properly clean a house and it can result in serious damage to the home.While cleaning is a fairly common process, many homeowners do not realize the full benefits of doing so.The key to keeping your house clean is the right cleaning […]

Why you should keep your nursing home home clean

Nursing homes have always been known for their cleanliness.In fact, in some cases they are even regarded as “home.”But in recent years, there have been more and more nursing homes being found to be having some of the highest rates of contamination in the country. Some of the most common issues cited as contributing to contamination […]