Balancing update

I just posted a new build with some changes cards going into your inventory. Now you have to manage your slots like the original game had it. There is no overflow when your slots are full so you’ll need to decide what you keep and what you get rid of. Also when you right click a card from one of your slots it no longer goes to your inventory, instead it is removed from play.

Unity update – Cards and Credits

Hi Everyone,

The update is a day late this weekend, mainly because I was out of town and ended last night with a migraine. I just posted a new video on youtube showing our dynamic card generation that is optimized for mobile. We also made some good progress on finishing the credits scene, I know that sounds funny, but that is one more item checked off our list. I’ll finish up card generation in the next day or so, after that I’ll move onto the match-3 game. We continue to make great progress each week.


video link