A new adventure awaits…

A Match-3 Game

  • Move a tile to match 3 or more jewels
  • Receive cards by matching specific tiles
  • Change the direction that the gems fall
  • Fill all 5 Adventure Card slots
  • Complete objectives within a certain amount of time


There are 3 types of cards to receive.

Hover over a card or section of a card for more information.

cross_swordsTiles that looked like crossed swords give you item cards (like swords, potions, etc.).

triangle_eyeThe tiles that look like triangles with an eye in them will give you spell cards when matched. Spell cards allow you to manipulate the tiles (like destroy a tile, or change a tile to a water tile).

scrollThe tiles that look like a scroll will give you adventure cards. Adventure cards are your quests or challenges. Most adventure cards have a number of turns associated with them, meaning you will need to complete the objective in the number of turns specified to get the experience for it.

Currently, you only have 2 item and 2 spell card slots (top of the screen).You can unlock a 3rd card slot through special items or quests. The slots are important because it does not cost you anything to use the spells in those slots. If the slots are full and you make another tile match to get more cards they will overflow into your stash which is described below.

right click on a spell or item card to move it to your stash.

It costs 20 gold to pull cards from your stash into your hand. Note: You can move cards into your stash manually.

Adventure cards have 5 slots. The more cards that you have in play the more experience and money that you will get for completing cards. Of course more cards means that there can be more dangerous things coming your way.

Click the sides of the tile board to change the direction of gems falling

You can change the direction that the gems fall, which is very important to gameplay, by click on the sides of the tile board. They look like runes with a gem in the middle. The direction that you have selected will glow blue-ish. Sometimes cards or effects will cause your direction to go out of control, which will be signified by the glow change to a red color.

You will also notice a cup which will fill up with gold coins. That is your money which you can use to buy cards at the store. You can buy cards by hitting the store button. Once the store is up there are 4 different sets of cards to buy from. You can change the set by clicking on the numbers on the wheel at the top of the sword to the left or the right. If a card is black and white it means you do not have the money to buy it. If the card is colored that means you have the money to purchase it. You can always hover over the card to see how much it costs. Once you buy a card it goes into your stash.

Your stash is the scroll on the left and can be viewed by clicking on the sign that looks like a satchel. This is where all of your overflow cards and bought cards go. You can move cards into your hand by left clicking on them, but it will cost you 20 gold to do so, so make sure you have the gold.

Click on the treasure chest to view and use items.

You also have a place for items, which is viewed by clicking on the sign that looks like a treasure chest on the lefthand part of the screen. If you have any items there, you will be able to see icons that look like potions, swords, rings, etc. These items come in 2 types. Instant and over multiple turns. Instant items are used and then removed. Items that last for several turns carry the effect for each turn they are being used (Should blink to show they are in use) and after the time runs out they will be removed. You can get treasure chests in here, which are hard to come by but yield powerful items. If you get a treasure chest go ahead and click on it to open it and see what item you received.

The goal of the game is to see how far or long you can last. You can compete against others online. There is a lot more planned for this game, which includes challenges, a dungeon mode and a campaign.